StrollMates are creatively designed by Connie Quinn to add a sense of pride and panache to your step. Mobility disabilities may be a part of life, but giving up your sense of fashion is not! Whether you are recovering from knee or hip surgery, from a stroke or injury, or you are dealing with multiple sclerosis or another ailment, the need for a cane may be temporary or permanent. So why not look your best?

StrollMates are individually hand-crafted, and as such, there are subtle variations among each piece that reflect this process. Our product is totally unique, and will make a fashion statement about the wearer. Connie Quinn says, "I’d like my customers to feel they are wearing something special, something that you cannot buy anywhere else!"

As creative designer, Connie Quinn has always looked for “something different” -- not like all the others -- whether it is furniture styles, clothing, or colour choices. She explains, "Almost all my designs have a 3-D feature about them, which I think gives them eye-appeal and makes them interesting and unique. StrollMates is a perfect way to 'let loose the creative spirit' by designing a variety of styles, colors and themes for all tastes and occasions."

StrollMates are designed to have mix-and-match ability, to give the customer a wide variety of choices. The 3-piece emsembles have belts and collars that are removeable. You can create several different fashion looks from one set by wearing it with or without the collar and with or without the belt. Change it up and have some fun! You can also change one belt for another, for instance, if you have a black coat with a red tartan belt and red collar, you could change it to a zebra print belt with a black collar, and have an entirely new look! You can add individual belts and collars to extend your cane wardrobe. These make wonderful add-on gifts!

StrollMates are designed to be easy to use. They are made of lightweight materials and they are open at the back to allow you to easily wrap it around the cane. Fine manual dexterity is not required. Our video clip will show you just how easy it is to dress your cane!

Change the
belt & collar!
or Change the coat!


StrollMates are available in four sizes.

Measure is taken along the straight length of the cane (no curves) from the bottom of the handle (or from the bottom of the curve) to the top of the rubber foot.Typically, 2”- 3” is left at the bottom of the cane uncovered (see photos).

If the straight length of your cane measures:
25” - 27” -- ORDER -- X-Short
28” - 29” -- ORDER -- Short
30” - 31” -- ORDER -- Average
32” - 34” -- ORDER -- Tall

If you do not find your size available, or can't find what you are looking for, just email us at and if the materials are available, we'd be happy to make it for you.

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